Online Gravel have compiled a guide to help you decide which gravel is for you. 850kg and mini bags of 25kg. For the best covereage it is best laid 3-4cm deep. All our decorative shingles are sourced from our own ‘Gill Mill’ and ‘Duns Tew’ quarries. Uses Pea Shingle is commonly used for ornamnemental and decorative applications including pebble dashing, driveways, drainage, decorative garden features, general garden surface as well as for fine concrete. Pea Gravel is perfect in any garden, but is also used in drainage schemes by house builders. We also deliver Shingles & Grits in loose loads from 4 to 20 tonne as well as in small bags.

Recent investments in our Rookery Farm Aggregate Recycling Facility reinforce our well-established network of recycling facilities. Volunteers from the Wychwood Project are repairing the numerous dry stonewalls, using traditional methods and under the watchful eye of their expert Waller, Trevor Townsend. 10mm is usually best for pathways, as it is easy to walk on. Gravel can be difficult to keep clean and clear of fallen leaves or pestering weeds which is why it is very important to consider the preparation needed to ensure your garden will look at its best once everything is finished. However it can also be used for drainage, making concrete and pipe bedding. It is therefore imperative the correct size and grade of drainage aggregate is used to suit a particular application. Golden gravel contains yellow, cream and brown colours and is often referred to as golden flint gravel, Solent gravel, Corn gravel or Yellow Shingle.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Due to the soft nature of this material it is not suitable for driveways where a high volume of traffic is expected. We can use your measurements to work out an estimate for the quantity you require. But beware!… If used on a driveway 10mm gravel will fit between the tyre treads on a car, which will result in the material being taken out onto and spilt all over the road. Slate chips are also an excellent solution to weed problems, it can be placed around plants to prevent unwanted weeds growing in your flower beds. Can also be used as a permeable layer or joint fill in block paving applications. 10 – 20mm Washed Gravel.

We have a huge selection of jumbo bags available for almost any job. From the base layers (foundations etc, the bits you dont always see), to the finishing touches from our decorative shingle range. If you are looking for a product that isn’t shown on the website, then please call us and we will be able to get a price for you. Crushed gravel locks together better when it’s compacted, but not so good for vehicle tyres. Our decorative products include slate, chippings, pea gravel and pebbles. 6mm Pink Gravel Angular and naturally rounded quartzite gravel, 6mm size. Used mainly for drives and ground cover.

6mm & 10mm Gravel – for use in pipe bedding and fine concrete mixes. The usual manner of construction is to put drainage pipes in the prepared formation and surround the pipes with shingle. It’s the easiest way of adding value to your property. Availability on Polar White We can usually accommodate a next day delivery service if the product is ordered before 11am for an additional cost. Use single quotes (‘) for phrases. Looks fantastic in a number of outdoor settings, why not try using our Golden Flint on driveways or paths, borders and pots, as seen below. The above products are produced at Wicklesham quarry.

Pea shingle is produced from washing ballast and is considered one of the highest graded gravels on the market. Drainage Shingle including 10mm Natural Pea, 20mm Marine Shingle and 40mm Marine Shingle delivered in Bulk Bags throughout the South East – Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London. 10MM COTSWOLD CHIPPINGS. Think about it: loose sand mixed with loose gravel – how does that help stop the gravel from moving? Shingle is a very versatile product, especially when it comes to its decorative uses. They all work on the same principle, first a trench is dug to line and level to a suitable disposal point. Bulk bag 10-5mm Newbury Flint Shingle.

BRS Garden Group offers you a choice of colourful decorative gravels, shingles and chippings to compliment any garden project. We can also deliver the product for an extra £5 per 1 tonne bag. The Easy Bag service is available throughout the BH postcode area. Our Faringdon quarry, in Oxfordshire, is the home of the Coxwell gravel products, which are produced from totally unique sponge gravel available only through Grundon. As long as you cement the bricks in, and they are level, I don’t see a problem. Further notes regarding sands Rounded grains pack together tightly, giving a stable bedding layer, whereas angular grains have been found to have their ‘rough edges’ broken off under loading, thereby increasing the proportion of very fine particles in the sand which can be carried by percolating water, giving rise to a ‘lubricating’ effect which, in turn leads to separation of the sand into layers of differing grain size, possibly causing problems in heavily trafficked projects.