Eucalyptus radiata (or Eucalyptus officinalis)

This particular eucalyptus essential oil is antibiotic, antiseptic, and anti-viral making it a great oil for viral infections, colds, bronchitis as well as muscular strains and rheumatism. Current drugs used for HIV, called protease inhibitors, may also increase the risk for herpes zoster. globulus is one of seven euaclypts that grow to over 80 metres (262 ft), making it one of the world’s tallest trees. gunnii (cider gum), E. Eucalyptus oil contains chemical compounds that naturally repel fleas and ticks. Other uses include treatment of wounds, burns, ulcers, and cancer. Now this oil is widely used in all facets including industrial, medicinal and perfumery.

Implementation of innate cell-mediated immune response was also observed in vivo after EO administration, mainly involving the peripheral blood monocytes/granulocytes. Safety precautions All products are for external use only. Antiviral, decongestant and expectorant, Eucalyptus radiata or Eucalyptus globulus is the Attila the Hun of respiratory diseases, irrespective of whether they are viral (cold, flu) or bacterial (bronchitis, sinusitis, otitis). Urinary tract infections respond very well to Eucalyptus essential oil, too, and here its diuretic action can make it doubly useful. This tree was known to the people in ancient times as the tree which lives forever. Wounds: Eucalyptus essential oil has antiseptic qualities because of its germicidal quality. Eucalyptus oil has chemicals that help to kill germs and block chemicals that cause asthma.

It can help clear sinuses and headaches when used in steam inhalations and is good for combating fatigue when used in the bath. Eucalyptus Oil is known for its expectorant, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral activity. Grapefruit essential oil is a powerful substance high in limonene, a substance derived from citrus peel that is extremely high in antioxidants. Study: Stimulatory effect of Eucalyptus essential oil on innate cell-mediated immune response. Eucalyptus Globulus has an approximate ORAC of 24,157 (TE/L). The purifying properties in this oil have a calming effect on the mind and body so it has been used commercially in liniments, cough syrups, inhalants and ointments. Other studies suggest it may be effective against MRSA and herpes simplex I and II.

Most debilitating diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen to vital organs of the body. All traits, that in my experience, are generally found in complementary care givers. No known hazards or contraindications. 3. Every home needs a bottle of lavender oil! Eucalyptus’s thick, long, bluish-green leaves are distilled to provide essential oil. For example, place a two percent mixture in an aroma burner to kill 70 percent of staphylococcus bacteria in a room.

You can also apply it to reflex points or directly on area of concern. The second major property for which eucalyptus is recognized is that it is a good natural antiseptic for the airways. Eucalyptus globulus, which is harvested to make the most popular eucalyptus oil in the world, contains mainly the cooling, antibacterial compound 1,8-cineole; this compound is also called eucalyptol because it was first isolated from the eucalyptus tree [3]. The Eucalyptus Oil contains chemicals that help control blood sugar. Adult leaves alternate, lanceolate, up to 30 cm long, petiolate, with very strong midrib, dark green, shiny, hardened texture. They represent the essence of the plant from which they were taken. Researchers at England’s University of Wolverhampton looked at putting tea tree oils or silver nitrate into liposomes.

EUCALYPTUS BLUE Eucalyptus Blue is one of Gary Young’s exclusive Ecuador discoveries. Seems to dissolve gall stones and has been used 😮 treat nephritis, gonorrhoea and diabetes. Hyperglycemic and insulin release inhibitory effects of rosmarinus officinalis. The tree was named by French botanist C.L. It is important to make sure that the person who has ADD or ADHD is getting, and is able to absorb these necessary minerals. A specimen was brought to Europe in 1793 by the French naturalist Labillardiere. Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

In massage, it is considered helpful for treatment of arthritis, rheumatic and joint aches and pains. 2008. This suggests, almost preliminary, that LPS and E O might act by means of different mechanisms, possibly involving different phagocytic receptors. The dried leaves and oil are used to make medicine. Many now grow wild in several parts of the world. Don’t use on babies or young children. Eucalyptus Blue Gum – Respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, flu, sinusitis), urinary infections, diabetes, fevers, rheumatis, intestinal parasites (astacaris, oxyyurids).

Researchers put groups of 20 mosquitoes in a two-foot glass tube, half of which was treated with nepetalactone (our Catnip essential oil is 80% neptalactone). Lemon myrtle essential oil is distilled from the fragrant leaves of trees native to Southern Queensland, Australia. Excellent general-purpose topical disinfectant for wounds cuts scrapes and insect/spider bites. It is said that the Eucalyptus tree is one of the most useful trees in the world. Lavender essential oil is a well known sleep aid — a drop or two on the pillow or bedspread at night improves sleep for many people.