I’ve got a sore throat and cold is this ok during pregnancy?

That’s why genital sores caused by the herpes simplex virus are a concern when you’re pregnant. Otherwise, you could end up taking ingredients you don’t really need. Cool vapor from a vaporizer may also be helpful. It’s called the common cold for a reason! If you are pregnant and think you have the flu, talk to your doctor as soon as possible. Vicks VapoRub is also a good cure for a stuffy head. ‘For sore throats and coughs try lemon juice and honey mixed with warm water, or a throat lozenge or cough mixture containing glycerine, while some nasal sprays can help to defend against winter germs and reduce the severity of a cold or the flu, but always check first with your pharmacist for what is suitable,’ says Deepa.

But it also leaves expecting moms vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections. its a supplement you can get rom most health  food stores. Please be aware that sometimes you can have a viral infection that causes a sore throat which is accompanied by sneezing and running nose. Time, not medicine, will cure your cold or flu, but some medications may help lessen symptoms and make you more comfortable. Tylenol (acetaminophen) has been considered a safe fever medicine for pregnant women for a long time [11]. Can you tell me anything about symptoms to look for in him if they were to affect him at all?? Doesn’t happen all the time, but totally sucks when I do get one cuz they’re painful, ugly, you can’t really cover them up well, you can’t kiss your hubby, and they last for a full week.

This may be an indicator that your hormones are changing and that you may be expecting. Avoid touching the cold sore unnecessarily, with either your hands or towels, to avoid spreading the infection. In this case, you can have a blood test to find out whether you have previously been infected with CMV. According to Kimberlin, if you do have an established virus (as opposed to one acquired dur- ing pregnancy) and it is present in your genital tract during delivery, the risk of transmitting it to your baby is only about 2 percent. Ask another adult to be with you for a few days after delivery. Most people are infected in childhood but do not experience any symptoms. In general, the flu is pretty common.

For Stuffy nose symptoms: Go buy a “nettie pot” (Sinucleanse is a good brand). The brain, lungs, and other organs are developing, too. It interferes with virus DNA, slowing down virus growth. As you near your due date, your cervix becomes thinner and softer (called effacing). I have and do suffer with the occasional cold sore and I’m very, very, very careful when I get one because I know how disgustingly contagious they are but sadly not everyone else is the same. GBS usually is not harmful to you, but can be deadly to your baby if passed during childbirth. Most UTIs are bladder infections and aren’t serious if they’re treated right away with antibiotics and lots of liquids.

If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or dial 911 immediately. Stress. If you are a man with either oral or genital herpes and your partner is uninfected and pregnant, you can do even more to protect the baby. Plus, we’re breaking records down here in .New .Orleans with the heat. The flu vaccination is recommended for all pregnant women. I just want to get better! The reasons you can’t give blood for 6 months – 1 year after getting a tattoo is because of STD risk and lead ink.

In early pregnancy, progesterone is responsible for increasing uterine blood flow, establishing the placenta, and stimulating the growth and nutrient production of the endometrium (lining of the uterus). You may have uterine cramping after delivery, especially while breastfeeding or if you’ve had several children. If your cold lingers for more than 10 days and you begin to have pain in the sinus area, headache, upper tooth pain, nasal obstruction, cough or thick yellow/green nasal drainage, seek medical advice. Sensitive breasts are often one of the very first signs of pregnancy, along with sensations such as tingling and sore nipples. Urinary tract infections in pregnant women should be treated to prevent complications such as the infection spreading to the kidneys or causing premature labour. Can I take over-the-counter meds? and could they be related to pregnancy??

This is actually normal and not something to be overly concerned about in most cases. As you already know, Becky, there are few ‘normal’ cold remedies that you can take in pregnancy. The rising pregnancy hormone (estrogen) levels are responsible for most of the early symptoms while the later signs may result from certain other factors such as the growing uterus and the increased blood volume.