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In rarer cases, pleurisy can be caused by conditions such as a blood clot blocking the flow of blood into the lungs (pulmonary embolism) or lung cancer. The ‘symptoms’ page saw 96,235 visits – a 21% increase compared with last week. Another change is that if you need to write a message to the surgery staff, in the box provided at the bottom of the page, please only do so here if you have not already ticked any available repeats. The check will take around 20-30 minutes: You’ll be asked some simple questions about your family history, and any medication you’re taking. Most EBV infections are thought to occur during childhood and cause only mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all. There is now a vaccine that can reduce your chance of getting shingles, or, if you do get shingles, it can reduce how severe or long lasting the symptoms can be. Please bear with us while the work is being carried out.

For any illness lasting longer than seven days you will need to see the doctor for him/her to issue a ‘Fit Note’ and for any subsequent renewal of the certificate. It may be 6 to 12 weeks before any benefit is noticed. He said vaccine suppliers were likely to receive more returns from GP practices this year than usual. These anti-infection ingredients in creams may be useful if you need a moisturiser that is also antiseptic. Shingles can be very painful and uncomfortable. Go to their website ( for more information or call Jan on 07715 415894. Follow with 20 minutes of heat – a hotwater bottle wrapped in a towel, placed on the base of the spine.

This framework was launched at the 2nd Annual Nursing & Midwifery Conference “The Art and the Science of Nursing and Midwifery practice”. We are very excited to welcome Philippa Larard-Young to the team at St Denys Surgery. If you need to order medication from your repeat prescription, please drop into surgery and let our dispensary know. 6) FOODS                     Avoid:            a) Multivitamins – if not pregnancy specific, as these can contain Vitamin A. Pregnant women & the Flu Vaccination It is recommended that all pregnant women should have the flu vaccine, whatever stage of pregnancy they’re in. CCG are groups of GP’s who are responsible for buying all urgent & Emergency care , Community health care, Mental health , Learning disability and Hospital care. It can’t possibly have escaped your notice the number of news stories about financial pressures in the NHS, deficits at the hospital, and huge savings being needed to be made.

See your GP if you experience symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia. Your NHS Health Check will assess your risk of developing these health problems and give you personalised advice on how to reduce it. Appointments are available with a doctor, nurse or health care assistant. The initial treatment you have for AML will largely depend on whether you’re fit enough to have intensive chemotherapy, or whether treatment at a lower dosage is recommended. Appointments are available with a doctor, nurse or health care assistant. You may then be referred to a specialist consultant if necessary. If you would like to take advantage of this service and have not completed a nomination form, you should ask your preferred Pharmacy to set your nomination or you can complete a form at the surgery.

Though you can take vitamin D supplements, the best way to boost levels is to get some sun on your skin, which promotes natural production of vitamin D. These include the hepatitis A vaccine, the typhoid vaccine and the cholera vaccine. YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO INDICATE WHERE YOU WISH TO COLLECT YOUR  PRESCRIPTION FROM i.e. • Shingles vaccination The new national shingles immunisation programme is being phased in over the next few years. We have leaflets in Surgery which can pick up and this will explain in details. Contraception We offer a full contraception service as well as emergency contraception. If you have several problems to discuss, please let the receptionist know so a longer appointment can be booked.

It enables the Doctors and Nurse Practitioners to understand the problem and ensure that patients who need to be seen on the day get an appointment. Prescriptions for Lostwithiel and Bodmin chemists are collected from the surgery daily or you can collect these from the surgery during opening hours – just let us know your preference. For every five women recalled, four women will go on to receive a normal result. Our doctors will always try to prescribe you the most cost effective medicine and will let you know if it is going to be expensive. Experts say that, despite recent improvements, NHS death rates still outstrip those in many other European countries. Sally, our Nurse Practitioner, looks after those patients with diabetes and coordinates their care. Ideally, kids should have their jabs at the right age to protect them as early as possible and minimise the risk of infection.