Seroprevalence of Human Herpesvirus 8 Infection in Northern Thailand | Clinical Infectious Diseases

As before, GFP-vBD-KDEL or GFP-KDEL (control) protein was expressed in BCBL-1 and JSC-1 cells via lentiviral transduction of constitutively active expression cassettes. (A) Colloidal blue staining of purified recombinant GFP and GFP-fused vIRF-1 proteins. Hogg, R. Biology of Kaposi’s sarcoma. (B) Lentivirus vector-mediated expression in BCBL-1 and JSC-1 cells of ER-directed vBD (GFP-vBD-KDEL), used as a competitor for the VKORC1v2–vIL-6 interaction, also led to growth inhibition. (supe, supernatant; BSA, bovine serum albumin). (B) Northern analysis of PAN RNA expression from pPAN/D to I in 293T cells.

4. The tumors were highly angiogenic and tested positive for the presence of CD31, an endothelial cell-specific marker typically present on spindle cells in KS lesions in humans (45, 50). Like K1, the SH2 and SH3 domain-containing K15 also flanks the terminal repeat region of the KSHV episome (Box 1), activates the NF-κB and MAPK pathways and induces the expression of several inflammatory and angiogenic genes146, 147. After 12 hours transfected cells were mock infected (control), infected with HHV-8, or treated with TPA (20 ng/mL). vIL-6-calnexin interactions and vIL-6 conformation. The lower limit of detection in the standard samples was 10 to 100 copies of transcripts for both the ORF50 and ORF73 genes, while copy numbers in the range of 100 to 106 were detected with more accuracy. In a study of HIV-1 carriers in Thailandref, HHV-8 DNA was found in 25% of those with skin diseases and only 7.4% with no skin involvement.

The mobility of vIRF-2 as determined on SDS-PAGE was about 20 kDa, which corresponds well to the predicted molecular mass of 18.5 kDa. One patient was investigated both during and after an acute phase of the disease. Aliquots (0.5 × 106) of transfected cells were washed twice in ice-cold PBS with 2% FBS. Cell lysates obtained from equal numbers (5 × 104 and 4 × 103 cells/lane in panels A and B, respectively) of the following cells were separated by sodium dodecyl sulfate–15% (A) or –8% (B) polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis: BCBL-1 cells untreated (lanes 1) or treated with TPA (lanes 2); BHK-21 cells infected with rSFV-βgal (lanes 3), rSFV-orf65 (lane 4 in panel A), or rSFV-gB (lane 4 in panel B); and 293T cells transfected with pSCA-βgal (lanes 5), pSCA-orf65 (lane 6 in panel A), or pSCA-gB (lane 6 in panel B). It was interesting that the population was heavily weighted with men who converted to HHV-8 before HIV-1 (182 [73%] of 251). HHV-8 infection was monitored by immunostaining with the anti-LANA antibody. HHV-8 DNA was isolated from BCBL-1 cells by using a Trizol reagent kit (Gibco BRL).

These SNPs were found in four patients who had ORF26 SNP type 3 (three patients) or type 8 (one patient) and were completely linked to each other. The average viral load was 2.96×105 HHV-8 copies/μL DNA extract (range: 4.37×103 to 1.47×106 HHV-8 copies/μL DNA extract), and when normalised equates to an average viral load of 2.44×104 HHV-8 copies/103 cells (range: 2.20×102 to 7.38×105 HHV-8 copies/103 cells). To prepare the oleate-BSA complex, 3.7 MBq of [14C]-oleic acid in ethanol (specific activity 2.035 GBq/mmol) were mixed with 1.4 mg KOH, after which the ethanol was evaporated. Five of the seven tested patients with extracavitary PEL were HIV+. All cases and controls were previously characterized in terms of histology, DNA quality, HIV serology, and cutaneous and mucosal HPV DNA positivity [7, 29]. 1A, pDA12), corresponding to nucleotides (nt) 22408 to 25913 of the genome, was transfected into BCBL-1 cells along with a plasmid expressing the HHV8 viral transactivator ORF 50 (pEXP50). In this report, we describe an endothelial cell-based tissue culture model that reflects the HHV8 life cycle in KS lesions in vivo.

A central regulatory role of the RBP-Jk/Rta interaction was demonstrated by the inhibition of KSHV reactivation in murine embryo fibroblasts null for RBP-Jk (47). In individuals who have KS or are HHV-8 seropositive, but whose PBMCs are negative for viral DNA by PCR, is the virus load simply beneath the level of detection or is the virus truly absent? IL-6 can bind to IL-6R in the absence of gp130; binding to gp130 requires prior binding of IL-6 to IL-6R. The RCA family includes the plasma proteins factor H and C4bp and the membrane proteins CR1 (CD35), CR2 (CD21), DAF (CD55), and MCP (CD46). Human herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8, also known as Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS)-associated herpesvirus or KSHV) is a recently identified gamma-2 herpesvirus related to three other tumorigenic viruses: herpesvirus saimiri (HVS), Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), and the murine gamma herpesvirus 68 (1–3). There are no restrictions on its use. This predisposition has been observed in some transplant recipients and patients with autoimmune disease or malignancy who have received high dose of immunosuppressant agents [10], which leads to iatrogenic KS.

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