Speakers | 41st Annual International Herpesvirus Workshop

P. Interestingly, we saw no competition with high-MOI infection of either gB null or gD null virions, indicating that the entry receptors or mediators are not the major rate-limiting factors in axons. The HSV-1 UL25 protein has been proposed to be essential for cleavage and/or packaging of replicated viral genomic DNA. M.G.L. PLoS Pathog 4(3):e1000015. Both H803S and H439S displayed nearly wild-type reactivity with MAb 53S; however, derivatives of the H439S containing H1A and/or H1B sequence from SaHV-1 gH failed to react with 53S. If the mechanism of IFN-α/β pathway inhibition by vhs does involve RNA degradation, as seems likely, vhs could be unique as a general, relatively nonspecific inhibitor of the inducible IFN-α/β response.

The cell bodies of these untreated neurons displayed extensive VP5 staining in the nucleus, as well as discrete puncta and larger accumulations of capsids in the cytoplasm (Fig. The differences observed between the levels of HDAC hyperphosphorylation induced by each US3 kinase may correlate with their ability to activate a specific cellular kinase or pathway. 4A). The harsh conditions of the BrdU-labeling and DNA-FISH protocols prevented the combined visualization of VZV DNA with ORF29 or IE62 at 4 h or 8 h. This would also mean that, if the pUL17/pUL25 complex as described for HSV-1 (44) is involved in this interaction, pUL25(HSV-1) would have to interact with pUL17(PrV) to execute its function. PRV-180 expresses mRFP-VP26 in a PRV-Becker background (18). Validation of incubation conditions is important, as incubating samples at too low or too high of a temperature can result in artifactual results or rapid cellular degradation.

(B) IFN-γ–stimulated HLA-DR matched RPE cells were infected with VZV.EGFP-ORF66 or HSV-1.EGFP-VP16 and cocultured with the solely HSV-1–specific TCC 44. Conversion of .nd2 files into presentable movie formats. RABV, which typically infects motor neurons, spreads exclusively in the retrograde direction along neuronal circuits, exiting from the somatodendritic plasma membrane to spread towards the CNS (). Antibodies that recognize viral structural proteins (Rb133) or a glial marker (anti-GFAP, a marker of astrocytes) were used in indirect-immunofluorescence experiments to examine the distribution of immunoreactivity within optic nerves. Data represent 34 exocytosis events in 3 independent experiments. It will be interesting to further explore LAT expression in the in vitro latency model, e.g. Intake of food that is palatable and flavorful is also important, since infected cats develop anorexia from the loss of their sense of smell or, less commonly, the presence of ulcers in the oral cavity.

Indirect immunofluorescence analysis using an anti-HSV-1 antibody (B0114) which cross-reacts with other alphaherpesvirus antigens (36) showed that FBAHV1 infected all of the cell lines tested; however, there was no evidence of syncytium formation. Gross examination revealed multiple white foci in the livers and extensive red to red-black discoloration in the lungs. In contrast, neurons infected with gE-null mutant virus have reduced amounts of gB, gD, and to a lesser extent, gC, in their axons (Fig. Because PRV611 infection did not restore the numbers of PML-NBs to those observed in mock-infected cells, these findings suggest that PML-NBs are likely targeted by other PRV proteins in addition to Us3. Previously, McCarthy et al. A single PFGE separation was sufficient to fully remove unit length genomes because no 135-kbp DNA was detected in lanes containing mock-digested plugs (Fig. Latently infected neurons in which reactivation took place do not survive.

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The nine distinct human herpesviruses, including three members of alphaherpesviruses (HSV-1, HSV-2 and VZV), four members of the betaherpesviruses (CMV, HHV-6A, HHV-6B and HHV-7) and two members of the gammaherpesviruses (EBV and KSHV/HHV-8) share 40 of the 43 ORFs that have been included in the core set (see Chapter 2 Table 2.2). This virion-in-a-vesicle then traffics to the plasma membrane, and the virion exits by exocytosis. However, direct IE62 phosphorylation by ORF66 in VZV-infected cells results in nuclear exclusion of IE62, which then partially relocates to the trans-Golgi network and becomes abundantly incorporated into the assembling VZV tegument (20, 22, 39, 40). The response to type II interferon (IFN-γ) involves long-distance signaling to the PNS cell body. We identified several cellular proteins that are involved in this process. Despite these differences between alphaherpesviruses, previous amino acid alignments of VP22 unveiled the presence of a conserved central domain suggestive of a conserved function (4, 12, 13).