Varsha Patel

The toughest correction to do is the eyeliner. During your healing week you’ll also want to avoid any major social events like weddings, and outdoor activities so you can avoid the sun. Bathing over shower is must!. This may continue for up to 13 days. You can also bring some photos that you have seen online, to indicate what you DO and DON’T like. Usually the same day, although I always recommend that my clients return home and rest. Do not expose your healing skin to direct sun or tanning beds.

Some MD’s are trained in these procedures, but most prefer to stay within their field of expertise and they have some body (permanent make up artist) work for them from their office to perform these procedures on clients. Keep water off of your brows for at least 24 hours. Do not dye, perm, or use an eyelash curler for 14 days after the procedure. The treatments can be permanent or semi-permanent. Time is taken to discuss design, pick appropriate colors, paperwork, and take before and after pictures. Can I have permanent makeup if I am allergic to regular makeup? We provide a free consultation to all of our clients.

Anesthetics for permanent cosmetics are more of a tattoo service luxury because of the nature of the tattoo location and the fact that permanent cosmetics falls into the beauty treatment category. So expect that one minute your lips will look very dark, the next hour they will look like nothing was done at all. It must however only be water based mascara. Micropigmentation practitioners are true professionals, so don’t be embarrassed to ask. MRI’s – Be sure to tell the technician before getting your MRI that you have cosmetic tattoos and where. This will cause the pigment to have light and dark areas in it. The (CDC) and (OSHA) has set standards for a clean, sanitary and safe working environment using sanitary equipment.

Fees will apply if it goes beyond 60 days after initial procedure. We do not use pigments made from organic ingredients, such as vegetables as they have a high risk of carrying bacteria and causing allergic reactions. Antiviral medication pre-treating to avoid a breakout should take place a minimum of (2) days; the day before and the day of your procedure. It is normal to lose up to 20% of the color in the initial procedure. In that case, the cost of any other follow up vists are at the discretion of this establishment. 7. People who get fever blisters / cold sores may experience an outbreak after lip procedures.

Genital herpes is only passed through direct skin-to-skin contact, both orally and genitally. If you are planning a chemical peel, Laser, MRI or other medical procedure, please inform your physician of your cosmetic tattoo. Medical clearance from physician is needed in writing on a prescription pad or letterhead. Accutane / Retin-A, topical steroids can make skin fragile. If you are planning on laser hair removal or Photo Facial with an IPL, you must tell your laser specialist that you have had permanent cosmetics so this area can be avoided by the laser. Touch Ups                                                                                                            Two Touch ups are included with every new procedure. There are many variables when it comes to tattooing the lips and it is important that you are aware before you proceed.

Some clients take pain-relieving tablets prior to the treatment. I had eyeliner completed over 6 weeks ago and am unhappy with the results. Is the process safe? We advise! 5)      If you wear contact lenses and are having the eyeliner done, do not wear your lenses to your appointment and do not replace them until the day after the procedure. When your procedure is completed, the color will appear darker than the final result. 3.

Do you lead an active lifestyle? Choosing the wrong artist can lead to unattractive results and serious infection––make no mistake—you have to take the same precautions that you do for any body art. Mary E. If unwanted hair is normally removed in the area to be treated (waxing, threading or tweezing), the hair should be removed at least 24 hours prior to the treatment. Do not wear contact lenses for about 48 hrs after. You can save time and money in your routine grooming without worrying about smearing, smudging or makeup washing off. The speed and suction pressure can be adjusted to ensure a painless, easy, non-invasive procedure to the person receiving the treatment.

Dermal grafts may be permanent, but some long term resorption may occur.